Renegade Games Announces Ex Libris, A Competitive Library Building Fantasy Game

June 3, 2017 - 9:01pm
Renegade Game Studios is releasing Ex Libris, a worker placement and card drafting game about creating and maintaining the best library to compete for the title of Grand Librarian. Designed by Adam P McIver (Coin Age) with art by Jacqui Davis (Bullfrogs, Dicey Goblins), Ex Libris will have 2-4 players competing to impress the Mayor's Official Inspector by having prominent works with good variety on hand, sturdy shelves and proper alphabetical order. Players must additionally be careful to avoid books the Council has banned. Beat your opponents by sending your assistants to the village to collect the most impressive tomes first, or even use some magic to thwart your competition. Ex Libris is due for release in Fall 2017, and you can read the official press release here.

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