Coming soon from Breaking Games and a new Ascension expansion

May 30, 2017 - 10:45am
Breaking Games has a pair of games coming out next month with one being a Kickstarter game and the other being an abstract strategy game.  Lets looks first at the abstract game called Aura.  The game plays up to four people and revolves around playing down cards to eliminate cards from your opponent's deck.  The cards themselves have both a color, and a value or special ability.  Play is simple with a play/draw type turn structure and you are aiming to protect yourself and attack your opponent.  The colors have a rock/paper/scissor type strength and weakness chart so value is not the only determiner when things get revealed.  Be the last one with cards left in the game to be crowned the winner. Next is a Kickstarter game that is being brought to retail, and that is The King's Abbey.  The King's Abbey is a dice worker placement game where you are trying to build the best abbey to help bring your kingdom out of the dark ages.  Each round has you rolling dice and using those dice to acquire resources similar to how you get resources in Stone Age, and then you use those resources to perform actions and build your abbey.  You will also be going on crisades and defending your abbey from attacks to keep it from being torn down.  Completed crusades and buildings will earn you points, and the most point at the end is the winner.  Look for this game and Aura to be on store shelves in June. Last is the announcement of the latest expansion to the Ascension deck building game, and that is Ascension: Alliances.  This is an expansion only set and mainly changes the way that you can play four player games.  With this set you can convert any Ascension set into a team versus team game with two players on each side.  The new rules change how the unite keyword works, and includes a bunch of cards that play into the new team game play mode.  Plus as kind of a bonus, this new set comes in an Ascension themed deck box that can hold 100+ cards and has a divider.  Needless to say if you are a fan of the game and are looking for a new way to play with four, look for this set on store shelves in July.