Pre-Orders Open In EU For Abstract Game Hypergrid

May 26, 2017 - 2:43am
Euler's Game has announced pre-orders for their new 2p abstract game, Hypergrid, in the EU and surrounding countries. In Hypergrid, players take turns placing pairs of colored discs on a 3x3 grid, combining their effects,  trying to create more lines than their opponent. If a player stacks chips 3 or more high, they can use its elemental effect. When a player can no longer place chips, the game ends, and the most points wins. Using concepts from topological geometry and vector operators, Hypergrid is an abstract game with a simple ruleset but infinite options. Hypergrid comes with a neoprene game mat, 65 colored tokens, 9 colored markers and 2 d6 markers. Pre-orders can be taken through Blackfire Entertainment and are expected to continue through June.

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