Unearth, from the creators of Boss Monster, coming this August

May 16, 2017 - 8:05am
From Brotherwise Games, the creators of Boss Monster, comes a new dice placement game - Unearth. 2-4 players will control a team of delvers represented by 5 dice and place them on resources or ruins to uncover ancient cities or build new wonders, competing to be the best at reclaiming a lost era. The game features beautiful isometric artwork with adorable characters, an easy-to-teach 16 page rule book, and enough space in the box to sleeve all the cards if you want! More details via the press release:  "Players take turns rolling dice to claim Ruins, using Delver Cards to enhance their efforts. High rolls help players claim Ruins to earn points. Low rolls allow players to uncover Stones, used to rebuild ancient Wonders that grant special abilities. Ruins and Wonders can each help you win, but players must decide how to balance these two paths to victory." It's an excellently put together product that looks delightful. The artwork is charming, I especially enjoy how the D8 represents the "leader's" crystal on his staff, and the D6s represent the heads of the workers hammers. The gameplay and rules as described give a distinct impression of a gateway game to the dice placement genre (which is my favorite genre, so I welcome it), but with two paths to victory which is equally appreciated. If you're interested in Unearth, look out for it at Gen Con 2017 and at your local retailer on August 17th, and be sure to check out brotherwisegames.com around June 12th for more news concerning this game.

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