Rifts Miniatures Board Game Based On Rifts RPG Now On KS

May 11, 2017 - 9:51am
Rogue Heroes Studio has started a Kickstarter Campaign for the Rifts Board Game, a miniatures game based on, and endorsed by, the popular Rifts RPG from Palladium Books. In Rifts, heroes do battle in the 'Burbs outside of Chi-town again the Coalition Dead Boys and Dog Boys. Rifts will have 3 modes of play, a campaign story for 1-5 players, a skirmish mode for 2 and a head to head card game version. Rifts comes with high quality 32mm miniatures for 5 Lazlo heroes, 10 Coalition Dead Boys and 5 Coalition Dog Boys. The game surface is composed of a large double sided combat map with 1 inch grid, and 2 double sided set-on game tiles. Other components include dice, over 300 cards, and a 64 page instruction booklet. Fans of the Rifts RPG will find plenty to enjoy in this well constructed, miniatures style board game. The Kickstarter for Rifts continues through June 4, and the game is expected to deliver in June of 2019.

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