Board Game Related T-Shirts on Kickstarter

May 11, 2017 - 9:21am
Jellybean Shirts has started a Kickstarter Campaign for some great board game related T-Shirts, with three shirts in the initial offering. Shirt: The Game has a collage of many board game related icons, which you can challenge your game geeks to identify. The Settlers Of Cat shows that all too familiar image of a cat sitting in the box lid for CATan during play. Finally, The Meeple's Republic has a great soviet themed "Sieze the Means of Placement" meeple design. Several add-ons and stretch goals are available, including an option to custom insert your own pet into the Settlers of Cat T-Shirt. The Kickstarter for Jellybean Shirts continues through June 2, and is expected to deliver in November 2017.

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