Restoration Games Hires Suzanne Sheldon, JR Honeycutt and Lindsay Daviau

May 11, 2017 - 9:17am
Restoration Games, hot off their successful Kickstarter Campaign for the amazing new version of Stop Thief!, has announced three exciting high-profile additions to the company. Lindsay Daviau has joined the team as Production Superhero, bringing her extensive experience with Hasbro as graphic designer and art director. Lindsay has been involved with games such as Guess Who? and  Heroscape, and I hear she knows the CRO of Restoration Games, Rob Daviau, quite well. JR Honeycutt is a co-designer on Seafall, and designer of the recent release Fantasy Fantasy Baseball. JR will be joining Restoration Games as Tinker-in-Chief, where he will set the strategy for getting games ready for production. Last but not least, Suzanne Sheldon will be joining Restoration as Master of Fireworks, keeping the world looking at Restoration Games, and making sure the view is spectacular. Anyone in gaming knows Suzanne, a regular contributor to the Dice Tower Network, part of Boardgame Breakfast, and a recent co-host of the Dice Tower Audio Podcast. You can read the entire press release from Restoration games here.

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