Board game announced in the Infinity universe, Aristeia!

May 11, 2017 - 9:34am
Infinity has been a tabletop sci-fi war game staple for over ten years now, and so they decided to expand the game into a new format, a board game.  This game, called Aristeia!, will take place in the same universe and so will have some commons elements to it's bigger brother, but won't just be a port of the bigger game.  So far not much as been revealed other than character art, a board with hex spaces on it, and a delivery date of late 2017.  You can head over to the Aristeia! website to check out the launch trailer and sign up for updates, but we will have to wait for more info to come out.  Good news is that if you are going to GenCon or Essen, you will be able to demo the game at the Corvus Belli demo areas.