The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 is coming in October

May 8, 2017 - 8:36am
Mondo and Project Raygun's first collaborative game has a release date now, October 2017.  This is the first game being put out by the designer game division of USAopoly that was launched at the same time as the game was announced.  Infection at Outpost 31 takes it's theme directly from the movie "The Thing", and featuring the characters of the movie as well like MacReady, Childs, and Garry.  The game itself is a hidden identity game where The Thing has infiltrated the outpost and created perfect imitations of the crew there.  It's up to you to gather gear, battle The Thing, and take out the imitations among you before you escape the outpost and warn McMurdo Station. This game is going to be coming in two editions, there is the wide print edition and a Mondo exclusive edition that they will sell on the site.  The Mondo edition will feature different box cover art designed by Jock, two additional minis not in the standard edition, a Mondo print, and a enamel pin.  Another thing that makes it exclusive is that only 1,982 of them will be made, in honor of the movie's original release date.  So whether you want the standard edition or the Mondo edition, look for them both in October of this year.