FARSIGHT Promises a Dark Future

May 4, 2017 - 8:43am
Raising funds on Kickstarter now is FARSIGHT: Corporate Warfare in a Dark Future (I think that goes without saying!) from Braincrack Games and designer Jamie Jolly.  This ambitious project promises to deliver a quick-playing and easily accessible war game in a particularly malleable package.  FARSIGHT definitely includes a healthy dose of good, old-fashioned, dudes-on-a-map combat, but also throws in a bit of deception and to everyone's delight, mechs.

Each turn, players deploy units face-down to the battlefield, revealing them when they are spied upon, or enter combat.  On a parallel 'Shadow Map,' hidden specialists are deployed to help spy on the enemy, sabotage their units and help shift the course of the game.  As the corporations battle for control of the field, events ranging from weather to deadly plagues will encourage players to change their strategies as the game goes on.  The first player to capture 8 of 12 areas, or the 3 areas closest to their opponent, claims victory.

   The Core Set supplies 2-4 players with everything they need to begin spying, sabotaging, and decimating their enemies for 60-90 minutes, but the publisher is also offering a supplemental War Chest of 40 scale model miniatures to enhance the experience.  On top of that, the game appears to include rules for diceless game play and modular rule sets for different modes of play, including a campaign mode.  Visit the Kickstarter campaign here for more information.