Bargain Hunting Set Collection Game Downeast Dealer On KS

May 3, 2017 - 8:33am
Downeast Dealer is a new auction and set collection game for 3-5 players currently running a campaign on Kickstarter. In Downeast Dealer, players start with nothing more than a few bucks and a few bad checks, but then try to bid for items auctioned by the other players. Some items are inherently valuable, such as the stuffed moose head, and others less so. The catch is that the players only score points for items if they collect the complete set of 4 cards. When two players each hold parts of a set, one player can "Downeast Deal" to capture the set, by legitimately paying or maybe just bluffing really well. Suitable for adults and kids, Downeast Dealer captures the excitement of classifieds, garage sales and bargain hunting. The Kickstarter Campaign for Downeast Dealer continues through May 10, and is expected to deliver in July 2017.

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