Feudalia by Abba Games on Kickstarter

May 1, 2017 - 9:40am
Abba Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Fernando Abad's Feudalia, in which 2-4 players become medieval feudal lords competing for the favor of the king and the church.

"After an everlasting period of wars, the time has come to collect the spoils. The king has distributed the new conquered lands amongst his newly appointed feudal lords. They've hired the best artisans, builders and masters of all sort to show their gratitude by raising the most glorious cathedral."

Feudalia is a deck-building, resource management game that includes over 60 different types of characters that players can improve their starting decks with. This guarantees a high level of replayability because only a limited number of the different character types can be available in a single game. On their way to 10 Victory Points (the winning condition of the game) players will govern three fiefs that they can upgrade or send people to work at. There are three main zones in the game: Cathedral zone, Vassal zone, and each player's private area of play. Cathedral zone represents the state of the cathedral that the players are building from the foundations through the main nave to the finishing touches such as a beautiful stained glass window. It is mainly a source of Victory Points that are available for anyone who spends enough resources to help with the construction progress. Vassal zone is a marketplace from which players obtain different vassals and masters. While vassals have to be drawn to hand before use (after which they go to the discard pile), masters come directly into the player's area and they stay there so they can be put to work every turn. Finally, players' private area is where the fiefs with all their stored resources (wheat, wood, clay, and stone) are. Also situated here is the treasury, which functions as a tracker of player's current gold and includes a possibility to store some of it to the next round. Players have to choose wisely at which time to keep resources and when it is better to spend them because one of the cards in their decks is always the tax collector who will take half of what the player has stored in each of their fiefs. Together with the unlocked military expansion that allow players to battle each other and steal their opponents' resources, Feudalia now includes 12 preset scenarios, over 300 cards and about 150 wooden cubes of various sizes and colors to push around. All of this should be delivered to backers in October 2017. To learn more about the game, check out the Kickstarter campaign here.