Sierra Madre Game Bios: Genesis Creates Life On KS

April 25, 2017 - 8:25am
Sierra Madre Games has announced a second edition of their award winning game, Bios: Genesis (2016). Sierra Madre, and it's founder Phil Eklund, are known for making very smart, strategic, science-related games with well deserved fanbases, such as Neanderthal (2015) and Greenland (2014). Bios: Genesis is right in line with this trend; 1-4 players start as primordial soup, and through strategic card and token play, try to develop life. Players can turn life into bacteria, evolve into macroorganisms, such as trilobytes or velvet worms, or even become a parasitic species. Bios: Genesis is the first in a planned series of games: Bios: Megafauna (2017) and Bios: Origins (2018) will bring the development of life through dinosaurs and out into interstellar travel. The Kickstarter for Bios: Genesis is set to continue through May 10, and the game is due to deliver October 2017.

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