Bezier Games releases new expansion to Ultimate Werewolf

April 25, 2017 - 7:50am
While the One Night series has been going crazy on Kickstarter, Bezier Games hasn't forgotten about it's older brother, Ultimate Werewolf.  So to keep the game fresh, Bezier Games has just released a new expansion to the game called Ultimate Werewolf: Hunting Party.  This new expansion pack adds several new roles to increase the chaos and make things even more interesting for your werewolf games.  The new included roles are:
  • The Huntress - a one-shot wonder guaranteed to kill her target
  • The Mad Bomber - takes out the two players closest to him if he’s killed
  • The Revealer - has the ability to kill every single werewolf in just one night...unless he’s wrong about who’s a werewolf, in which case he dies
  • The Mystic Seer - she knows the exact role of her target
  • The Mentalist - knows if any pair of players are on the same team or not
  • The Alpha Wolf - can turn a player into a wolf at night instead of eliminating him
So if you want some more variety in your Werewolf game, head on over to Bezier Games to get your copy today.