Now on Kickstarter from Reforged and Ninja Division, Warforged: First Contact

April 21, 2017 - 12:51am
Reforged and Ninja Division are partnering to Kickstart a new game called Warforged: First Contact.  Warforged bills itself as a skirmish level exploration game, similar to games like Descent or Shadows of Brimstone, but still very different.  This is a one vs many game where one person controls the Mantra, an alien race that is invading through a portal at the center of a shrine.  The many play as the Iron Legion, the military force sent to investigate the portal, with each player leading their own squad.  Play is simple in that on your turn you have two actions to take, and your available options are move or shoot.  Player order though is the interesting thing, as every figure has a card, and all the cards are shuffled into a deck, and drawing from that deck determines who moves.  This means you will need to coordinate very well, because luck may fall to where the enemy gets all their turns before you, making your job that much harder.  The map is also modular and hex based instead of square, allowing for more varied and eclectic map layouts.  Will the Iron Legion be able to stem the tide of aliens and reach the portal, or will the Mantra horde overrun them? The game has some excellent art and some nice sculpts for the minis included in the game.  Gameplay is easy with all information on the characters contained on the turn order cards, and several scenarios ready to play right out of the box.  You can head over to the Kickstarter page to check out more, and you can even see a gameplay video produced by the folks at Let's Play.