Now on Kickstarter from SHEL Games, Card Castle

April 21, 2017 - 12:46am
SHEL Games are looking to make their debut in board games with their first game on Kickstarter called Card Castle. Card Castle is a slap style card game where you are working to be the last one standing.  Everyone starts with an equal sized deck and on your turn you flip over a card onto the castle.  If it has a value then plays continues, if it's a double, door, or wizard card then everyone tries to slap that card in order to add the pile of cards to their deck.  There are other rules that penalize mis-slaps and mis-flips, also when revealing value cards you always have to tie or beat the previous player's value.  This ensures that as turns go on, more and more cards are being flipped, increasing the chance for slap cards to show up. There is also a rule that if you are eliminated, you have one more round of play to try and get some cards back before you are permanently eliminated.  So if you are looking for a quick and simple slap style card game then give this one a look on their Kickstarter page.