New and Upcoming Releases

April 18, 2017 - 11:29am
Studio 9 Games is coming out with The Midnight Legion: The World Reborn, the second in a trilogy of color illustrated game books in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure, and the sequel to Operation Deep Sleep. The World Reborn will have much more control over character and world, and involve combat, puzzles, strategy, diplomacy and stealth. The World Reborn is due to hit shelves in July 2017. The new party game Charms: A Game of Insight is also coming soon from Studio 9. Charms has one player, the Quester, ask a question to the group from the Quest Cards. The remaining players try to give their wisest answer based on the Quester's roll of the Charms and where they land on the board. The Quester then picks a winner, and the role of Quester moves to the next player. Charms should hit shelves July 2017. CMON is bringing their new reprint of the classic Reiner Knizia game Modern Art to stores. In Modern Art, players auction off paintings from their hand, and collect money if another player buys. However the player loses money if they cannot entice someone to buy. By playing as both seller and buyer, players need to gather the most valuable art collection, and make the most money, in four rounds. Modern Art is due out in Q3 2017. Devious Weasel Games is releasing Bemused, a card game for 4-6 in which players act as muses, trying to elevate their own virtuoso, while eliminating rivals through the play of doubt and dread cards. Each virtuoso comes with a special ability the muse can use. When a virtuoso is saddled with 5 doubt or dread cards, they go insane, and if the doubts outnumber the dreads, the virtuoso dies to become a fantasma. Insane and even dead virtuoso can still win the game, although their options become more limited. Bemused is due to be released July 2017.

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