Path of Light and Shadow Leads to Kickstarter

April 20, 2017 - 2:36am
Indie Boards and Cards has announced a new game from designers Travis R. Chance, Nick Little, and Jonathan Gilmour coming to Kickstarter this May.  The Path of Light and Shadow allows players to take the roles of the four great houses/nations of The Realms vying to regain control of their lands from the Tyrant Queen.

Path of Light and Shadow is a massive empire-building experience, combining area control, deck management, and civilization customization. As players vie for control of The Realms, they must enlist and promote supporters, outfit their burgeoning empire with powerful technologies, align with powerful leaders, and lay siege to rival exiles after the throne.  Above all else, each player must decide what type of leader they will become, cruel or merciful.  But choose wisely, for each path has its rewards and perils.

For more information about the game and its design process before the Kickstarter campaign begins, click here.  Otherwise, look for the campaign to launch in early May 2017.