Card Drafting Microgame Bridges To Nowhere On KS

April 18, 2017 - 8:01am
Doomsday Robots has started a Kickstarter Campaign for Bridges to Nowhere, a card drafting microgame for 2-4 players. During each of 4 rounds, players take turn drafting cards representing one of 3 types of bridge segments - suspension, truss or cable. Bridge cards are played next to matching pillar cards, and at the end of the game the bridge segments are only scored if they are complete, or bounded by pillars. Additional score values on each bridge card must ascend or descend, but can change direction once. Finally, matching symbols on the bridge cards score bonus points. After 4 rounds each players' bridge is scored by length and height. For more advanced play, contract cards give specific goals to each player. A deluxe version with Feat cards and Prestige cards is available. The Kickstarter Campaign for Bridges to Nowhere continues through May 11, and the game is expected to ship January 2018.

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