Guardians of the Deepwood - Latari Elves Army for Runewars Miniatures Game

April 14, 2017 - 7:42am
Fantasy Flight Games has already started expanding the Runewars Miniature Game with Guardians of the Deepwood. Though the base has just barely hit stores already the Latari Eleves Army is already getting armed and ready for battle. Speedy and ferocious, one of the most powerful of the Terrinoth forces join an ever expanding battle. Fantasy Flight is expecting the Latari Eleves Army Expansion to hit retailers 3rd quarter (Q3) of 2017. The Latari Elves call the Amyhelin Forest home. The largest forest in Mennara, the massive trees of Amyhelin stretch from Terrinoth in the North and west of the Ru all the way to the southern ocean. While the elves have built cities and palaces in and around the trunks of the Deepwood, the return of an old foe has pulled them into the battle for Terrinoth once again. The Latari Elves enter the battle with four new units and eight new figure sculpts which is enough new content to field a full army in one of the battles of Terrinoth. The Deepwood Archers Are there any other archers with the mobility and range of the infamous Deepwood Archers? For years these archers have protected the Aymhelin Forest, now they join you in battle using shift actions to match enemy movements to position themselves perfectly for attach. With three different shift options they will be efficient and speedy in the battlefield, always in the perfect position to strike. The Leonx Riders Another new unit is the Leonx Riders. Passionate and rough, these riders will operate alone or in small family groups. Turning the tide of any battle, the Leonx Riders will serve as the calvary for your Latari Elves army. When making a melee attack the riders can use two surgeries to add a hit. Unique Surges is a new mechanic in the game, and can only be used once per combat, adding a mortal strike to a melee attack up to once per combat. Moving rapidly with three march options, a shift, and five blue modifiers, nobody will be safe. Ariana of Summersong Champion on the Leonix Riders will be Ariana of Summersong. Ariana will be commanding riders into battle with a Moonblade and Mount Wildcat. Ariana will be adding a mortal strike to all melee attacks, in addition to her Impact 2 keyword which will strike two panic tokens into the heart of her enemies. Ariana will whip around the battlefield with three march options and give white modifier options along with a green shift modifier allowing for a 4 speed march. The Aymhelin Scions The final new unit joining you in battle will be the Aymhelin Scions. While Aliana represents speed, the Scions represent the power of the Latari Elves. Living trees, the Scions are "the will of the forest made manifest." The command dial of the Scions features both ranged and melee attacks, making them a threat from all angles. A shield icon modifier adds to defensive actions while the red hit modifier will add to offensive strikes. Two charge options allow the Scions to throw immobilizer tokens onto anything the Scions collide with... or that collide into it. A stun token added using two surges during melee or ranged attacks makes the Scions that much more dangerous. Tactical Advantage In addition to new units, new keywords and mechanics are also being added with this expansion. Latari elves will take advantage of the Overgrow keyword when overgrowth tokens are placed on environment pieces on the map. The Lethal keyword, as the name suggests, adds additional hit points to a damage pool. On the defensive side Protect keyword will remove damage from the pool before being assigned. With plenty of new tactics and units to explore, Fantasy Flight Games looks to be expanding the Runewars Miniature Game universe rapidly.