Now on Kickstarter from Playford Games, Capere

April 14, 2017 - 7:37am
Playford Games have their latest board game up on Kickstarter now, an abstract game called Capere.  This game is billed as an abstract strategy game with card based movement and simple scoring rules, but as usual, simple doesn't mean easy.  The game can be played with two or four players and in both cases you will have a line of blocks representing your soldiers.  On your turn you draw a card and it will either be a movement card or a god card.  Movement cards give you a value of one to four, indicating how many move action you can take, and a god card will just show the god's symbol.  God cards are mostly good allowing you to skip turns, with the bad one skipping your turn, allow you to resurrect pieces, remove pieces, or even jump over other pieces in your way.  You earn points by with fully surrounding an opponent or by making it to their starting line on the board.  First person to 6 points is the winner, or if you somehow get trapped and can't make a legal move, then your opponent wins.
Marble playing pieces

The game is simple and yet has good strategy decisions, and the graphic design is clean and elegant, exactly what you would want from an abstract game.  The pieces are interesting as it says they are made from cut marble, and there is a deluxe option available where you get resin busts of roman soldiers for playing pieces.  So if you are a fan of abstract strategy games, give this one a look on it's campaign page.