2050 (Humans, We Have a Problem) on Kickstarter

April 10, 2017 - 9:05am
A new game company, Fiction Non Fiction, has launched its first game on Kickstarter, entitled 2050 (Humans, We Have a Problem).  The game's eponymous warning signals the players' race to restore the biosphere of a failing Earth due to industry and human activity.  Players control a (admittedly abstract) territory with traditional industries that contribute to the progress of human society, but cause environmental degradation and disasters.  In order to prevent the natural collapse of the planet, players can invest in environmental improvement projects and renewable technologies to preserve/restore their sectors with action cards and some set collection endeavors throughout the course of the game.  Success is measured by the number of ice caps and glaciers on each player's territory at game's end, but letting too many melt away will trigger a loss for everyone. The designer, Alan Gallart, has a 20-year background in environmental projects and research, and intends his first game to send a message.  In fact, a stretch goal of the campaign is to donate 5% of the proceeds to environmental protection and regeneration projects.  You can read more about the game on its Kickstarter page here or the publisher's website here.