Word Guessing Game Crosstalk On KS From Nauvoo Games

April 10, 2017 - 8:56am
Nauvoo Games, the creators of Stockpile, has started a Kickstarter Campaign for their second game, Crosstalk. Crosstalk is a social word guessing game for 2 teams with a twist. Each team's clue-giver is trying to get their team to guess the same secret word. However, they can give a single secret one word clue to the team. Afterwards, teams take turns giving single word clues out loud and publicly, so each team can benefit from the other teams' clues. The trick is to use the secret clue to make the public hints more obscure. Hint Boards add more advanced options, such as combining clues, opposites and ignoring clues. The Kickstarter Campaign for Crosstalk continues through April 27, and the game is expected to deliver September 2017.

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