Miss it on KS? Get the Pre-Order - Too Many Bones!

April 6, 2017 - 8:03am
The first shipment of Chip Theory Games' cooperative Dice-builder RPG, Too Many Bones, has already sold out! Awarded a 10/10 and the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence, Too Many Bones stock didn't even last long enough to be offered for direct sale. Chip Theory is currently taking preorders for the second print run on their website.
Critics and gamers alike, including The Dice Tower's own Mark Burke (The Chubby Meeple), are falling in love with the unique dice mechanics and original fantasy world. Players assume the role of a party of Gearlocs as they attempt to take down one of seven unique Tyrants who have taken up unwelcome residence in the land of Daelore.  New skill dice are unlocked after each successful encounter, allowing you to build your characters in almost endless ways. Don't like the luck involved in dice games? The game employs a unique Backup Plan mechanic that allows you to put your bad rolls to good use. Store up your "misses" and unleash them for powerful alternate attacks and abilities.
Too Many Bones uses super high-end components, including die-cut neoprene mats, 11.5g chips, and PVC plastic cards to create an experience that looks and feels as great as it plays.  Because of the high manufacturing costs of the game, it is only being produced in small print runs. The second print of 2000 copies will ship in July with an undisclosed number being reserved specifically for sale at GenCon. This print will sell out before long before it arrives, so get your preorders in now at chiptheorygames.com.