Crokinole Adapted Into New Game

April 6, 2017 - 7:44am
Have you ever wonder what it would be like to fuse Crokinole with Golf? Well so has John Klassen and he has done just that. Klassen started out just trying to build a Crokinole board of his own to play with family and friends. However during the process is idea shifted to fusing Croikinole with Golf to create the new game that he calls Golf Board. "Everyone talks about doing something, making something new. I figured, 'what can it hurt?'," said Klassen. After letting some of his friends play test his new creation, not only did his friends want it but due to their enthusiasm and enjoyment of the game, he made 50 copies and started selling them locally in the area of Pembina Valley which is the south-central region of Manitoba, Canada. Many changes have been made to his design from that original to its current form. According to Klassen sales have been good which he attributes to the popularity of Crokinole. Interest is has been sparked not only in those that have played Crokinole for 50 years, but also in the younger generation. Klassen has stated that "Everyone's on the same level. All you need to know is how to flick the disk, so anybody can do it." Since 2000 when Klassen started his creation, he got married and started a family. This put a temporary stop to production, however he recently has picked up where he left off.