Metras On Kickstarter From Mr B Games

April 3, 2017 - 7:42am
Mr. B Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for Metras, a 3-4 player game in which you play the head of a noble family, competing for the favor of the emperor over five rounds. Players have 4 tracks on their board, corresponding to their Espionage, Wealth, Exploration and Fame. During the game Allies and Servants can be placed to boost these tracks, but each track can only have as many helpers as the current round number. Additionally, each helper is unique, being more skilled in some areas than others. The main mechanism of the game involves an auction system for action cards, which then become a player's 3 actions for the round. Players auction using influence, which translates to victory points, and the actions themselves rely heavily on the values of the player's 4 tracks. Players need to be careful in what order action cards are won, since some may boost tracks to the point that others become useful. Five mission cards are available to complete using the players' exploration values, which both dictate whether the player is skilled enough to complete the mission, and determines a multiplier for how many points the player receives. Metras will be on Kickstarter through April 24, and is expected to ship November 2017.

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