NorthStar Games starts development of Evolution: Oceans

March 29, 2017 - 1:33pm
As described by Nick Bentley (one of the developers of several of the Evolution games) on his BoardGameGeek blog, NorthStar Games is beginning the development of an oceans-based game. Following on the themes in their Evolution, Evolution: Flight, Evolution: Climate, and Evolution: The Beginning games, this one will feature species and species interactions that are water-based. As are all the games (except Evolution: Flight), this game will be a standalone game and not an expansion of one of the existing games. As a "teaser", Nick states:
Here are three key facts of ocean life: the base of the food chain is plankton ocean critters can get really big most non-tiny ocean critters are carnivores
The Evolution games are mostly card driven games where you assign traits to your species, or discard cards to add new species, increase the population or the body size of a species.  The evolution theme is very much at the forefront of the game play.  As carnivores evolve, for example, this species needs to eat other species.  So you need to defend against the threats by adding traits that help your own species survive.
It is hoped that this new game will have the same beautiful art work and production quality as the prior games.
NorthStar hopes to introduce the game for play-testing at GenCon 2017 and release it at GenCon 2018.  It will be a Kickstarter project in February 2017.  NorthStar Games is also the publisher of Wits and Wagers, Say Anything! and other games.