5ive: King's Court Ending Soon on Kickstarter

March 28, 2017 - 3:42pm
Gamestax's newest game 5ive: King's Court is ending this week on Kickstarter.  5ive is a set building game where the goal is to have all 5 members of  your King's Court in play.  The game takes inspiration from the chessboard with your five court members being one each of a King, Queen, Bishop, Knight and Rook.  Each court member has a specific purpose.  The King can draw cards, the Queen can make others discard, the Bishop can recover cards from the discard pile, the knight can destroy others' cards, and the rook can block other players from playing their cards.  When one player has played all five members of their court, they win! 5ive: King's Court is for ages 6 and up and can play 2-4 with the base game, up to 6 with the expansion.  The Kickstarter ends this week on Friday and plans to fulfill rewards in July 2017