Shadespire Unveiled at Adepticon

March 28, 2017 - 3:59pm
Games Workshop and Warhammer unveiled a new tactical arena combat game at Adepticon: Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire.  The game will be played with dice and card decks unique for each faction.  The decks of cards used in the game will also be customizable, meaning that the same faction can be played in a myriad of ways. The rules of the game were designed with competitive and tournament play in mind.  Matches can be played in around 45 minutes.  and on a smaller surface than Warhammer's larger scale games.  Warhammer also plans to support an organized play system from the beginning. The game is set in the ancient city of Shadespire, cursed to sit eternally in between the realms of light and shadow.  You can choose from forces in this game that are drawn from different races from all across the Mortal Realms universe.  The first two available factions are the Eternals Liberators and the Khorne Bloodreavers - iconic adversaries. There were some lucky folks that got to play the game at Warhammer's Studio Preview at Apeticon earlier last week.  However, the rest of you will have to wait until later this year to play Shadespire.