KS For 2nd Edition Of Impulse By Carl Chudyk

March 28, 2017 - 7:49am
Czacha Games has begun a Kickstarter Campaign for the 2nd edition of Impulse by award winning designer Carl Chudyk (Glory to Rome, Innovation). First published in 2013, Impulse is a 2-6 player fast, card driven, 4X space game with great new art from Zak Eidsvoog. Like many of Chudyk's games, Impulse uses cards in a variety of different ways; cards make up the spaces of a hex board, minerals mined from locations, tech upgrades and actions. Players move two types of ships around the board - transports to execute card actions and cruisers to explore and defeat opponent ships. Players execute all the actions off the Impulse line of cards, each turn adding and removing cards from the line, creating the backbone of actions for the next player. The Kickstarter also includes two brand new expansions for Impulse. All Your Base adds the concept of bases to the game, while Brake For Launch adds a new combat ship type, the Wing. The Kickstarter for Impulse 2nd Edition will continue through April 12, and is expected to deliver in October 2017.

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