Renegade Game Studios with Oni Press announce Scott Pilgrim deck building game

March 22, 2017 - 7:18am
Scott Pilgrim is a popular graphic novel series that was released back in 2004 that still enjoys popularity today, mostly due to characters and situations readers can relate to.  So now in 2017, Renegade Games along with the publisher of the comic, Oni Press, are creating a deck building game based on the franchise.  The game is called Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game, and is a deck building game all about making different choices as you live your life.  You will be able to play different characters from the comic and each one will have a different starting deck, giving you some variability between players.  Then as you build your deck and fill out your plot line, you will decide how you want to handle situations, either like an adult, or with typical video game violence.  This effect is accomplished by all the cards being double sided, with each side corresponding to a way to handle that situation.  Will you be able to defeat all the evil ex's and win over Ramona's heart? You can find out this summer when the game is released, and until then you can check out the preview on Renegade Games' site.