KS For Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape From Dolce Starts April 15

March 21, 2017 - 7:19am
Sentient Cow Games is planning on bringing its newest game Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape From Dulce to Kickstarter on April 15. This will be the first game in the Secret Unknown Stuff universe, where players are brought through science fiction, supernatural and unexplained adventures. The world has been compared to 50s pulp serials mixed with a bit of the World Weekly News. In Escape From Dulce, 2-6 players work cooperatively to escape from Dulce Base in NM, an area more bizarre and unexplained than Area 51. Players pick from 8 hilariously bizarre prisoners, all fully customizable, each with special abilities and stats which the players can level up as they play. These include a two-headed mutant cow with machine guns on his back, and an alien hybrid super-soldier who secretly just dreams of being a teenager hanging at the mall. Replay value is large due to customization of the characters, and the play of the A.I. Combat System, which dictates the focus of enemies' attacks. Players must find their hidden objective before the timer runs out and the "Man in Black" is released. Play is on a 3D customizable board, where players traverse 7 layers to freedom in a full campaign game, or a shorter scenario game. The Kickstarter campaign for Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape From Dolce begins April 15, 2017.

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