Wanting to own equity in Tasty Minstrel Games?

March 16, 2017 - 5:53pm
Tasty Minstrel Games has been pumping out games for a number of years now. They've been behind such hits as Eminent Domain (via an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign), the US distribution of Orleans, and the popular Scoville (to name only a few). They've reported having raised over $2.5 million on Kickstarter to fund 26 individual hobby board gaming projects. Well, you can now own a piece of the pie. Tasty Minstrel is offering investment opportunities via website Microventures. With a variety of different incentives offered to encourage people to invents TMG has also provided a shap-shot of the compay. Below are some of the perks being offered: $150: TMG Certificate of Stock Ownership (Cardboard with embedded metal coin, not used for legal purposes) $400: Two copies of Flip City and Harbour to share with friends (One of the benefits of owning a game company is easily giving gifts to your gamer friends, and TMG wants you to experience this) $700: Hoodie featuring company mascot, Dargon $1,000: One in-stock large box game of your choice $1,500: An additional in-stock large box game of your choice $2,500: One Deluxified copy of Crusaders after Kickstarter campaign $5,000: Name included in a thank you with all investors at this level in the first game launched after the fundraise $10,000: Producer credit on one future game of your choosing $25,000: Executive Producer credit on three future games of your choosing, a copy of every game currently in the warehouse, and each game released for the next three years To find out more you can head over to the investment page by clicking here.