IDW goes back to the 30's with their game Rayguns and Rocketships

March 11, 2017 - 1:08pm
Scott Rogers, a regular contributor on the Dice Tower Network podcast, has been working on a retro styled board game for quite some time now, and it's getting close to release.  This fall you will see his game Rayguns and Rocketships on store shelves, transporting you back to the art and style of the 1930's Sci-Fi television series.  You will play as one of the four different factions in the game, the action packed Astro-Rangers, the scheming Star Pirates, the villainous Blaarg, or the honorable Zard.  After picking your faction you will then load up to battle across the stars in your rocket ships.  Each round has four phases with the first two being rocket ship movement and battle.  You will play cards to maneuver your ship to be able to blast your opponents with your rayguns.  Next is the crew movement and battle phases where your crew can jump out airlocks and rocket over to fight in space, or board the opposing rockets to do battle there.  As you play cards, fight, and take down each other's crew you will be earning points, once a player is completely eliminated everyone will total up their points and whoever has the most is the winner! The game looks like a fun battle royale and sports a spiffy 1930s comic book look to the game.  So look forward to it's release in the fall of this year.