Games Workshop Community respond to PETA

February 11, 2017 - 2:23am
Hot on the heels of the PETAs appeal to Games Workshop to consider their use of 'fur' in their games (reported on DTN here), the community has taken it upon itself to respond. In the latest Regimental Standard (Required reading for the modern Guardsman), Guardsman are reminded that the unacceptable use of pelts, hides and even skins, is strictly frowned upon. Even in the 41st Millennium, when there is only WAR, there is still a need to ensure that humans show their "ability to maintain valorous composure". Of course, the battles will continue, so Guardsman are reminded that they can (and should)
  • Shoot the foe - repeatedly until dead and the body destroyed
  • Cut the foe - with any available sharp implement, including knives, swords and polearms
  • Crush the foe - with rocks, buildings or tanks
Just so long as Guardsman remember that they are NOT allowed wear any part of the (now deceased) foe. I, for one, am glad that this has finally been addressed.