Upcoming releases - Onitama expansion and Arena: For the Gods!

February 6, 2017 - 6:43pm
2017 is still going strong with board game releases, and we have two more exciting entries to be excited about. First and foremost is a new expansion for Onitama from Arcane Wonders. Sensei's Path releases this May and simply adds 16 cards to Onitama, which has been confirmed to fit in the original box unsleeved. Onitama is an excellent absract strategy game for two players where each game is ran by a subset of cards. More cards is a great thing, as it shakes up the meta for the game and adds more replayability. The second piece of release news we have to share is a unique new game coming in Q2  from Iello - Arena: For the Gods! Details have been surprisingly scant about this title for a few months now, so I had to dig up this thread from BGG where an Iello representative dished out an intriguing explanation of the game:  "...It's a tactical brawling game using dice, with a clever preliminary phase where you bid with your character's HP to get the best gears (Weapon, Armor, Mount & Spell). During the fight, your 4 pieces of equipment will be activated with 7 dice, and will allow powerful combos (providing you made the right choices during the first step of the game). [...]The game has a LOT of replayability, as there are more Equipment cards in the box than needed to play, and the board's setting (size, columns, traps, healing fountains…) is modulable." All good stuff to look forward to! I for one will be very interested to see the reviews we push out for both of them as the year moves along. We'll have to wait and see, especially for Arena and if it's interesting combination of bidding and dice-chucking will be as fun as it sounds. Be sure to check out Arcane Wonders and Iello's websites and products pages for more information and specific release dates as those details develop.

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