Markorama Games Closing on 4/30 due to Asmodee Policy

February 3, 2017 - 3:25pm
Markorama Games, a game store located in Franklin, New Jersey, has sent out a letter to their customers and friends explaining that they unfortunately must close their store due to Asmodee's policy of not allowing brick and mortar stores to sell their products online.  In the letter they state:

"In January 2016, Asmodee changed their policies and forbid brick and mortar stores from selling online. We tried complying with this policy but within a few months got into a huge financial crisis and needed to do something or close the store. We decided to continue selling online for as long as we could and try to dig ourselves out of the financial hole we dug ourselves into. A few weeks ago, Asmodee discovered we were selling online and ordered us to cease and desist. We are currently complying with their policy, but as a result, we have no choice but to close the store."

The full text of the letter is on Markorama's Facebook page. The Asmodee policy was described in an overview blog on BoardGameGeek (BGG).  There are also several active forum threads on the DiceTower forums on BGG discussing this policy in general (here and here).  Tom Vasel talked about it on DiceTower Podcast #440 at minute 55:40 where it was the question of the week which includes comments from several other reviewers.