Fight in a Box announce their latest release - End of the Line: Post-Apocalyptic Family Survival

February 1, 2017 - 7:25am
Having successfully Kickstarted last year, End of the Line - Post-Apocalyptic Family Survival is a game that appealed to this Brit as it involves a lot of queuing! It is now available for retail. In End of the Line, you experience the end times from the perspective of an everyday citizen. With your Dad, Mom, Boy, Girl and Dog your family must stand in line waiting for food, water, fuel, and ammo. Meanwhile, terrible things (played by you and your opponents) are happening trying to make collecting those resources difficult. Your goal is to outlast your opponents as you experience mutant attacks, dehydration, starvation and some of the worst pop culture references the end days has to offer. With a player count of 3-5 Players, and a playing time coming at approximately 70 min. The base game comes with a very cute looking post-apocalyptic family, all just itching to get into line. The game is due to ship at the end of February which means you won't have to wait for long if you do back it. Which is kind of a shame, when its a game about waiting!