Days of Wonder announces the first expansion for Quadropolis: Public Service

February 1, 2017 - 7:41am
Quadropolis, the beautiful city-building game from Days of Wonder, will have its first expansion this June.  Quadropolis:  Public Services adds 24 new building tiles such as Maternity Ward, Reprocessing Plant, and Police Station.  Each round, several of these new tiles are revealed face up next to the board.  As Mayor, you need to decide when to add these to your city - "which will best serve my population?".  The buildings add in game bonuses and scoring options.

"With the Public Services expansion, players will add all new Public Service Buildings to their Quadropolis game. As a Mayor, will they choose to increase the population by building a Maternity Ward or protect their citizens with a new Police Station? But competition will be fierce, and being able to build the right Public Service at the right time will not be made easy by the other players."

The game includes the 24 building tiles, 4 Helpers and a Rulebook.  More information can be found on Days of Wonder's Quadropolis page.