Smash Up Plans for 2017

January 31, 2017 - 7:18am
There's a TON of awesome Smash Up content coming this year!  Smash Up from AEG allows you to "smash up" various factions such as Alien-Ninjas, Wizard-Zombies, Pirate-Dinosaurs, and more. In March, a new set titled "Smash Up: What Were We Thinking?" will bring Explorers, Grannies, Rock Stars and Teddy Bears! These factions add new strategies from classic cards to base control.  Look for it at your friendly local game store in March! This summer, get ready for the Smash Up All-Stars Event Kit! This event will give you the chance to get the new “All-Stars” faction. This faction is a specifically chosen mix of existing Smash Up minions and actions that have formed an all-star team to play basketball… in Space! Visit your local retailer for details on how to get these decks. This fall, four more incredible factions join the mix from the far east in "Smash Up: Big in Japan" "Baaaaaaaaa winter!" some may say, but for Smash Up that means a Sheep Deck is joining the party. To get this deck, all you need to do is complete the 2017 Smash Up Survey and AEG will send you the deck. Sheep obediently and harmlessly follow other minions around from base to base.  (Then they mercilessly crush their opponents with a wave of minions no one can stop). Finally, if that's not enough Smash Up to satisfy your craving, you can now play Smash Up on your computer with Nomad Games and AEG’s Smash Up Digital. Visit Steam to get the game and check out all the new content coming out regularly from Nomad!