What happens when there are too many games for a store to carry?

January 28, 2017 - 10:42pm
As the board game market has boomed this has become more and more a common question for game stores as they try to carry all the new games being released.  And the short answer is that they can't carry everything, so they have to pick and choose.  Like a gamer whose collection has reached maximum physical size, it now becomes a matter of if the next new game is better than what you have already.  Tom Vasel uses this philosophy on his game collection, and game stores now have to do the same with their finite amount of retail space.  But what does this kind of thinking do to the market?  Unfortunately this may make it harder for the little guy to break into the brick and mortar stores because they have to prove their game is worth taking up that valuable real estate.  What used to be carried because it was good now can't because they have to make room for things that are great. Gary over at Black Diamond Games ponders this question as well, giving an insider's perspective, so give his article a read.