Ticket to Ride: First Journey is going to Europe

January 28, 2017 - 10:24pm
Days of Wonder has just announced a new entry in the younger kid focused Ticket to Ride series, and that's Ticket to Ride: First Journey.  This may seem like I am repeating old news, but in fact there is a new version of the game with the exact same name, but instead of the USA you are traveling around Europe.  Like the original it will feature a simplified board along with large landmarks to mark each of the cities, making destination finding easier.  The train cards will feature all new whimsical illustrations as well as similar bonus point possibilities.  So if you enjoyed the first entry with your kids, then you might want to pick up this new edition as well. There is one catch though, this version is meant for the European market, so readers in Europe can find it on store shelves come March/April.  But I have no doubt it will eventually make it to the American shores, hopefully with an updated name.  You can read more about this new edition on the Days of Wonder website.