Become the New King of the Jungle in Kingz from CMON

January 25, 2017 - 7:43am
Cool Mini or Not (CMON) announces the release of a new competitive action selection game in Kingz, published by CMON and Ankama from designer Antonin Boccara. Players enter a battle arena by simultaneously selecting and revealing action cards from their hands to have their chosen (and originally named with dry erase marker!) animals spar for the vacant seat on the jungle throne.  Anticipating, countering, and defending against other players by playing the right card is key, but players may nevertheless find themselves pinned to the ground on the precipice of defeat.  That player's chances are not all lost, however, as the pinned player can try to strike a deal with the attacker to let them take another shot at the crown.  The most reputation points at the end of seven rounds will name a new king.  Click here for more information on Kingz from Game Trade Magazine and here for more information directly from CMON.  Kingz was released on January 20, 2017.