Kickstarter for Board Game Truck Storage Bags

January 24, 2017 - 9:19am
Board Game Truck has started a Kickstarter campaign for a series of high quality board game carry and storage bags. Three sizes are available, the Tank, the Bulwark and the Flatbed. All three feature water resistant nylon, nonabrasive lining, foam padding and zipper padding to protect games. The bags will be available in 6 colors, and early bird pledges are available. More colors and pockets are possible as stretch goals.
  • The Flatbed holds one square game, carries like a briefcase and has clear sides to easily see the game inside.
  • The Bulwark holds 2-3 games depending on thickness, and has a diagonal back strap for easy mobility.
  • The Tank holds 5-7 games, and can hold multiple Flatbed bags. It also includes a leather top for added protection. It also includes backpack and chest straps.
The kickstarter campaign ends February 24, 2017 and is expected to deliver in June 2017.

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