Three more games coming from Grail Games in 2017

January 24, 2017 - 8:35am
Grail Games is stepping up the releases with the previously reported Knizia reprints and three more games coming later this year.  First is a push your luck style party game called Hang 12.  In the game players will be asking other players simple true/false, A or B type questions, and it's their job to guess your answer.  If you guess right then you get to catch a wave, then the push your luck part of the game starts.  You can keep answering questions to increase the amount of points you will get, and if you reach a certain threshold you could get bonus points.  But the downside is that if you get something wrong, you lose all the points you built up that round.  So, do you know your friends as well as you think?  Look for this on store shelves in mid-2017. Next is the Kickstarter game Doughnut Drive-thru, a worker placement dice style game all about those tasty treats.  The main goal of the game is to serve the most value in doughnuts to your customers.  To accomplish your goal you will be using 4 different actions, prepare, learn a recipe, serve, and coffee breaks.  Each action has a normal and improved version of the action that depends on how many workers, read doughnuts, you place on the card.  Learning a recipe lets you draw cards from the deck and then keep one recipe, discarding the others.  Prepare has you rolling a die to try and prepare a doughnut, with more valuable doughnuts needing higher values on the die.  Serving works the same way, and if you succeed you flip the card over and it will be scored at the end, plus each served doughnut can be used for +1 on a roll.  Lastly you have coffee break, which is how you will refresh used ability cards as well as get your doughnuts back from any single card.  Most tips at the end determines the winner.  Look for this on store shelves in April of 2017. Last is the card game version of the Kinizia classic, Medici the Card Game.  This takes the big box bidding game and turns it into a small box push your luck style game using just a deck of cards.  On your turn you will turn cards over until you have drawn three cards or get what you want, taking at least one card into your hand.  The next player gets to draw some more cards and take cards from what they drew or what you drew.  Play will continue around like this until you get either five or seven cards (based on player count) in your hand.  You will then score your hand, called a boat, and put any cards you can keep into your warehouse.  You will do this again for two more rounds scoring your boat and then your warehouse as well.  As the end of the third round, whoever has the most points is the winner.  Look for this on store shelves in May of 2017.