Fryxgames announces Hellas and Elysium, the first expansion to Terraforming Mars

January 24, 2017 - 8:11am
Fryxgames has announced Hellas and Elysium, the first expansion to the critically acclaimed Terraforming Mars. The expansion includes a double sided game board giving two new areas of Mars to colonize and terraform. Elysium is the opposite side of the planet from where the first game took place, and includes lowlands ripe for ocean, mineral rich land, and the famous peak of Olympus Mons. Hellas includes the southern pole of Mars and has the enormous Hellas crater, ready to be transformed into a gigantic 7 hex lake. Also in the expansion are new placement bonuses, milestones and awards. Hellas and Elysium is due to be released summer 2017. For more information, visit Fryxgames here.

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