Help support The Dice Tower through it's 2017 fundraiser

January 11, 2017 - 5:49pm
The Dice Tower's 13th season fundraiser is going strong on Indiegogo and you still have the chance to be able to support them.  While all content put out by The Dice Tower is completely free, there are still significant costs that are incurred to keep the content and quality at current levels.  So each year they reach out to the board gaming community to help fund them for another year, and maybe even improve things like bringing on more people or purchasing better equipment. As with previous years they are also offering tons of great promos in return for your support during the campaign.  Some awesome ones include a new character for Champions of Midgard featuring that awesome host, Jason Levine.  Then there is the promo for Ice Cool, because normal penguin ID cards are boring, you've got to have the Dice Tower crew in penguin costumes instead!  Or you can even gets some more murder method cards for Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, featuring the absolutely deadly....deck of cards?  Any way you slice it, supporting The Dice Tower will help them keep going and get you some great promos for your games, so check out the campaign on Indiegogo today.