Kingsport Festival is becoming a card game

January 7, 2017 - 2:57am
Passport Games made a new announcement that they will be turning Kingsport Festival into a card game.  The goal of the card game is still the same, with players being the high priest of some unspeakable evil that they are trying to resurrect.  You will be working towards the summoning of your god while taking over the city and fending off the attempts of investigators to stop you.  Play for this game is no doubt going to be similar to the original game, but everything will be contained on cards and so will have a much smaller footprint on the table and on the shelf.  The dice you roll are also different, opting for symbol dice for direct resource generation instead of the original sets of d6's you had to place on different spaces.  In the end the question remains the same, will you be defeated, or mankind? You can see a bit of the game in action from the trailer on Passport Games' YouTube channel, and then patiently wait until February to be able to purchase it.