Games Workshop celebrates the new year by helping you get new armies!

January 9, 2017 - 10:13am
Games Workshop has been having a resurgence lately with new games they have put out as well as new ways to get into their biggest seller, Warhammer 40k.  So to continue the trend of making it easy to get into the game they are now selling Battleforce boxes and Armored Assault boxes.  Both of these lines will offer you multiple figures in a single box to help to either start your armies, or strengthen them with more reinforcements.  Each Battleforce pack will contain 15+ models featuring several basic troops along with higher level troops and vehicles of a single faction to help you field a balanced army.  Each Armored Assault box centers on one large armored vehicle, and includes several troops to support it while it mows down your enemies.  Both of these lines will feature an overall lower price tag compared to buying them individually, so you are definitely getting yours money worth. You can check out all the different packs being offered on the Games Workshop website, then head on over to your local Games Workshop store or local game store to pick up your new army for the new year.