Ethnos is coming in April from CMON

January 2, 2017 - 10:50am
Ethnos is the latest game from designer Paolo Mori, the same man who designed Unusual Suspects and the Pocket Battles series.  In Ethnos you are trying to take control of the land not through battling and direct war, but through influencing different tribes and peoples in the world to your side.  There are twelve different fantasy tribes in the game, like halflings, giants, and merfolk, and each one has different powers when you activate them.  In any one game you will only use six of those tribes, and you will shuffle all the cards of the chosen tribes together to make the draw deck for that game, giving a variable setup to each game.  On a turn you will either take a card from the deck or row of face up cards and add it to your hand, or you will play down cards with either the same tribe or color on them.  If you chose to play cards you will discard any you don't play, preventing people from hoarding cards, and the top card that you play will indicate where you place influence tokens on the board, and what special ability you activate.  At the end of the age you will score the areas that you control and take the lowest valued chip, also doing this for the second and third ages but taking higher and higher point chips.  At the end of the third age, whoever has the most points is the winner. Look for the interesting area control game to hit store shelves in April of 2017.